Apoyo examen intercuatrimestrales de ingles

This course has the purpose of motivating, encouraging and supporting public school teachers to acquire English as a second language in order to use it in their classes. This is a semi-presential course; the course takers will be attending classes on saturdays and reinforcing their knowledge by working online.

The objective of this course is to train teachers in the use of cognitive and meta cognitive strategies with the purpose of deloveping an English teaching program based on the observation, application, monitoring and evaluation of several teaching techniques.

Welcome to the Saturday tutoring May-Aug. In this course you will be able to find activities, explanations, and general information that will help you improving your English language skills. 

“Ingles intensivo para rezagados” en una material presencial y en línea que pretender regularizar a los alumnos rezagados en el idioma Ingles para cumplir con este requisito de egreso.

Dar asesorías en línea y a distancia a alumnos rezagados en el idioma ingles para disminuir el índice de repoblación y evitar la deserción.